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    Monday, May 22, 2017

    Lawyer slams Pangilinan for his remarks on Cayetano: “Tanga talaga 'tong P.I na 'to"

    Senator Francis Pangilinan received criticisms from the netizens after he gave a remark addressed to the DFA’s new secretary, Alan Peter Cayetano. In his remark, Pangilinan urged Cayetano to file a diplomatic protest against China.

    This is in connection to Duterte’s announcement last week, revealing the threat given by Chinese president Xi Jinping. According to Duterte, Jinping claimed to use force whenever Philippines decides to extract oil from Recto Bank located in the controversial West Philippine Sea.

    "Did China really threatened the Philippines with war after President Duterte asserted the Southeast Asian nation’s sovereignty over disputed territory in the West Philippine Sea? If so, then Foreign Affairs Secretary Cayetano should issue a diplomatic protest for this threat,” Pangilinan challenged.

    “Tanga talaga tong putanginang to. Tsk," claimed Atty. Ahmedy Paglinawan in his recent Facebook post. The said harsh remark was explicitly directed to Senator Pangilinan.

    Paglinawan futher discussed, in defense of Cayetano, that issuing a diplomatic protest is beyond the power of the DFA Secretary.

    “International relations is a power that resides solely in the president. The DFA Secretary is an alter ego of the president. The president is diplomatic with China,” claimed Atty. Paglinawan.

    Van Ybiernas, also a netizen and a professor at De La Salle University, shared the same sentiments with that of Paglinawan.

    “Protest to whom? To China? So they can just deny that the conversation took place? So our government will just embarrass itself?” said Ybiernas in one of his Facebook posts.

    He also posted a question addressed to Pangilinan: “And then what? What do we get from it? I know what Pangilinan and LP will get from it. (An opportunity to attack the president hoping to erode his popularity). But what will the Filipino people get from it?”

    Ybiernas further added that: “Duterte bared a confidential conversation to tell us (Filipinos) what the real situation is. It’s that simple.”

    Atty. Paglinawan concluded his Facebook post by pointing out Pangilinan’s ironic nature.

    “Tell us, Kiko, what you call a person whose other selves negate him…because that’s exactly what you are,” Paglinawan asserted.

    Source: Ahmedy Paglinawan | Facebook
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