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    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    International Law Expert: People should appreciate what Duterte did

    Citing under the Election Code, officials may or may not declare their attained wealth from donations during the campaign period.

    Miriam Defensor-Santiago's sister, Paula Defensor-Knack said that people should "appreciate" that President Rodrigo Duterte declared his in his latest Statement of Assests, Liablities and Networth.
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    "Ang problema kasi sa Election Code, hindi electoral offense kung hindi i-declare ang tinagong pera galing sa campaign funds. However, kung mahuli ka na merong undeclared assets including monies, patay ka sa SALN law atbp," she said.

    "So, people should learn to appreciate that there are offiicials who DECLARE unspent campaign funds. Gets nyo?" she added.

    Knack said that the real question should be where other politicians hid their money from campaign donations and pork barrel and DAP funds, for these should be brought back to the nation's pocket.

    After he sat as President, Duterte's networth rose by three million.

    Based on Duterte's SALN as of the end of 2016, he has a total net worth of ₱27,428,862.44 as of December 31, 2016. The President's declared value before he assumed the presidency was ₱24,080,094.04 as of June 30, 2016.

    He said this came from a sugar mommy he called "Vanessa".

    "Regarding the issue of an additional three million sa SAL(N). Alam mo kasi nagkaroon ako ng girlfriend, parang sugar mommy ko. And binibigyan niya ako ng pera. Vanessa ang first name."

    Vanessa, according to the President, is a rich 35-year old businesswoman who spends a lot on him. Pressed further, Duterte said he and Vanessa started their affair after he won last year's election.

    Meanwhile in her tirade,  Knack used Vice President Leni Robredo as contrast for the act of Duterte.

    "Learn to appreciate what the President did. Did Robredo declare unused campaign donations? She did not even file her SALN for a year and did not declare her assets in others," the international law expert said.

    Robredo has been receiving questions on her SALN which amounted to eight million pesos and did not contain her Meralco assets which she admitted to owning.

    Source: Paula Defensor Knack

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