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    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    LOOK: Gina Lopez defends ABS-CBN from President Duterte's tirades

    Former Environment secretary Gina Lopez defended ABS-CBN against the tirades of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Lopez had just been dismissed from her post by the Commission on Appointments, and the broadcast network is owned by her family.
    Photo by Inquirer

    President Duterte has repeatedly lashed out on the network for "bias" reportage and for refusing to air his campaign advertisement which he has paid for during the election campaign period. He has threatened to deny the network from renewing their license to practice come its expiration in 2020.

    In an interview with journalist Kara David for "News To Go", Lopez was asked if she thinks Duterte's issue with the network shaped her dismissal.

    "The president is surrounded by many people and I don't know who's whispering to him things," she said.

    "When I talked to the president of ABS, Carlo, he told me, 'Gina I already posted somebody there to make sure whatever we have in news is not overly critical.' So there seems to be a misinformation that's going to the president," she added.

    Despite her rejection, Lopez was grateful for the President's support.

    "I think many times, during the process, he has issued statements supporting me. Many times. I guess he feels he has to let the process run its way," she said.

    SOURCE: GMA News

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