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    Sunday, May 21, 2017

    Former Presidential Assistant on EA slams EU: "Who are Westerners to think they know better than we to deal with our own problems?"

    Jose Alejandrino, former General Manager at manila Chronicles and former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs to Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, affirmed in a Facebook post that Duterte was right in his decision to deny aid from the European Union (EU).

    "President Duterte is right in rejecting foreign aid that do… (barge into PH's internal affairs). We (referring to the Philippines) have our dignity to maintain," said Alejandrino.

    Alejandrino further added that Duterte's denial to certain conditions of the aid proves his consistency in handling Philippines international affairs.

    "President Duterte has been consistent with himself. He said we are not beggars. When the US threatened to cut off US assistance, he said go ahead. When the EU tied its 250-million euros aid to conditionalities on human rights...the president said no thanks."

    In addition, former Presidential Assistant on Economic Affairs Jose Alejandrino mentioned that according to the Eupean amabassador, out of the 250-million euros worth of aid, 95 million euros were intended for good governance and human rights.

    Furthermore, he cited that even our neighborhood countries like Japan and China, both having huge investment affiliations with the Philippines, do not carry such conditions.

    "The aid we get from Japan and China carry no such conditions which constitute blatant interference in our internal affairs," claimed Alejandrino.

    He also conveyed that the said refusal is actually disadvantageous to the EU more than it is to the Philippines.

    "Who will suffer more?...The EU has to sell its manufactured products to sustain their industrial economies which at the moment are losing out to competition from countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. By imposing conditionalities on its grants, the EU countries are losing leverage. They are cutting their nose to spite their face."

    Alejandrino claimed that "foreign countries that provide aid without strings attached will be more appreciated and their share in business ventures will increase. Those outside the loop (implicitly including EU) cannot expect to be accorded the same attention."

    In the latter part of Alejandrino's post, he stated certain differences and socio-political distinctions between Asian and European countries which is rooted historically.

    "This is the difference...when Asians give they do not impose silly conditions. They separate business from politics. Western countries still maintain their colonial outlook. They still think Asians can be ordered around like in the Days of the Empire," said Alejandrino.

    In conclusion, Alejandrino criticized the Westerners by asking a question.

    "Who are Westerners to think they know better than we to deal with our own problems? They can't even solve their own problems," he concluded.

    The above mentioned issue has become a very serious matter among concerned parties and individuals especially between Duterte allies and those against the administration. Issues like this will surely proliferate in the future. More conflicts, therefore, between the two opposing forces should hereby be anticipated.

    Source: Jose Alejandrino | Facebook
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