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    Tuesday, May 30, 2017

    Foreign netizen on Marawi crisis: "God gave us a good President"

    “Both incidents came about while security forces were engaged in arresting Internationally wanted terrorist leaders; Both incidents involved unexpected enemy reinforcements; Both were planned with intel available at the time and were expected to be routine; In both cases armchair critics have posted the comment ‘Intel failure’, then presumably sat back feeling smug.”

    These were the claims of a foreign netizen, Nigel Locke, expressed in his Facebook status posted last May 28, Sunday.

    He acknowledged the “almost 100%” casualty in the SAF44 op in favor of the terrorists giving more emphasis on the op’s commander in chief who flee leaving his men behind.

    “The SAF 44 action resulted in almost 100% casualties of the security forces. Their commander in Chief lost his bottle or maybe found one and drank it. He pulled the plug on the operation leaving his men to die when unexpected resistance was encountered. MILF and BIFF losses were negligible,” claimed Locke.

    On the other hand, he stated that: “The Marawi situation is still ongoing so we cannot know the full details of the capture raid. Nor can we know the full outcome.”

    Locke also mentioned what the real situation is. This is in connection to the idea that with the President’s declaration of martial law, the entire Marawi City is jeopardized. Locke in his post opted to disagree.

    “The Maute forces have committed themselves to a doomed siege, and let us get this straight, they are the ones UNDER siege, not the city. They are scattered, lightly armed, surrounded and cut off from supply or escape. They do not occupy the city, they occupy a few buildings where they are very likely to die if indeed they have not already.”

    Moreover, Locke reacted to the media’s biased portrayal of the current status of martial law in Mindanao, specifically Marawi.

    According to Locke’s statements, the security forces are of high advantage in the situation unlike what the media wants to imagine.

    “They [referring to the Maute forces] have taken hostages, demanded that security forces be withdrawn. This is not the action of an army about to win anything as the media might like to imagine. It is reminiscent of failed bank robbers desperate to escape but with no hope. The security forces have already won the freedom of dozens of hostages,” Locke said.

    Locke furthered his comparison by taking into account the actions of the commandants in the two operations.

    “…we have the SAF 44 where they were led by their CinC to their deaths with himself running the show and who then denied responsibility,” Locke stated referring to the failed SAF44 operation.

    In contrast, Locke said that: “You [referring to the Filipinos] now have a CinC who while called a dictator (falsely) leaves a routine operation up to local commanders and goes about National and International business. When things go in an unexpected direction he not only hurried home but also had a crucial meeting with Putin, who went to great trouble to accommodate such. Not many Presidents would command such a change of plan from such a leader.”

    Locke urged the Filipino people to pray for the betterment of the situation in Marawi.

    “Most of us watch as distant viewers. Many have fled the city and let us all pray for and help them as much as we are able; Pray for our leaders, both high and low, President and squad leader; Pray for a good outcome of this terrible situation; Pray that any behind it may be unmasked and brought to justice. I am sure you know by now who are likely to be behind this; Pray for the nation and the people wanting and deserving peace; Be confident in your leadership on Earth and in Heaven. God gave us a good President and an as yet unconfirmed sec of DSWD,” Locke ended.

    Source: Nigel Locke
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