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    Monday, May 15, 2017

    EXPOSED: Alejano and Yellows' plans to have impeachment case dismissed so foreigners will intervene

    Following the recent trashing of the House of Representatives of the impeachment case versus President Rodrigo Duterte, the complainant will allegedly file it to the International Court, a step that was planned all along, said Journalist Jojo Robles.

    The complainant is Magdalo Rep. Gary Alejano who said that the House did not at all give him the chance to speak, but were already fixed on voting  for Duterte before he could state his case.

    The Committee meanwhile found the complaint by Alejano to be lacking of substance and evidenciary support.

    As a response, Alejano said he will file a case at the ICC instead.
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    Robles said that this is what Alejano, along with members of the Liberal Party, Duterte's opposition, has been planning.

    "But that's what they wanted to do all along, because they knew their cases will be thrown out for lack of evidence. And the brainless foreigners at the ICC are being led along by the Yellows, oblivious to the plot to use them," he said.

    "This is why foreigners and their agencies who know nothing of what's going on here -- or foreigners like Agnes the Uncombed who have already come to their conclusions without even finding a shred of evidence first -- should really be wary," he added.

    Several foreign entities like the United Nations and the DEuropean Union have been vocally opposing the war on drugs by Duterte and have more than once angered the President who accused them of meddling with PH internal affairs.

    Vice President Leni Robredo who sent a video criticizing Duterte's drug war to the UN has been accused of teaming up with them against Duterte as well.

    Robles said that these foreign entities do not realize that they are being used.

    "They are being made to look like idiots who don't even know the rules of evidence. And they don't even know it," he said.

    Source: Jojo Robles

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