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    Monday, May 1, 2017

    Duterte to Trump: Without China, North Korea is not afraid of you

    President Rodrigo Duterte reportedly told United States President Donald Trump that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is not afraid of the US if China is not with them.

    Duterte said this to Trump through a phone conversation on Saturday.
    Photo by Philippine Star

    “I said, Mr. President, I do not think that you can scare Kim Jong-un with a firepower. Our greatest chance there of getting some dialogue with America and North Korea would be through the intercession of China,” said Duterte in an interview with reporters.

    The President when asked about what the US leader replied said, “Wala man. Sinabi ko lang na we are as concerned and I supposed that you — you have the persuasive power, you are showing it to him. There has to be a sense somewhere.”

    In a recent interview, Trump called the North Korean leader a "smart cookie" for getting power despite plots against him from "his uncle or anybody else".

    Duterte said that the North Korean missile crisis was one of the things he talked about with Trump as it was beginning to be a major concern among ASEAN leaders.

    “It is the concern of everybody. Not only with us but the ASEAN guys, the Heads of States also expressed their fear of an outbreak because of the threat of a nuclear warhead. Ang fallout niyan — ang fallout niyan would include China, alam nila and pati tayo. And the Philippines is within striking distance of their missiles,” said Duterte.

    Source: Politiko

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