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    Saturday, May 6, 2017

    Duterte gives oligarchs 3 months to return gov't property or he will allow people to occupy them

    “When you’re talking, it’s as if we are beggars when you call upon us government workers and generalize that we are corrupt just like you."

    President Rodrigo Duterte once again slammed the country's "oligarchs" on Monday after he vowed to take back the government properties which they control.
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    In a speech in Davao, Duterte said he is giving these oligarchs a grace period of three months to give back the properties that are rightfully under the Philippine government.

    "So within the next three months, I will tell the owners or those people claiming the government lands that you are not paying your taxes amounting to billions and you are using the lands of the government. It was unclear how you got that,” the president said.

    He said that he will allow people to occupy these lands if they are not returned within the period he gave.

    Duterte has been recently blasting the Prietos who own the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    He has criticized them for allegedly controlling the Creekside/Mile Long property in Makati way after its lease contract with the government expired in 2002.

    He also reminded them of the 1.5 billion pesos that they owe the government in taxes for the operations of Dunkin Donuts in the Philippines.

    SOURCE: Politiko

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