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    Sunday, May 14, 2017

    BREAKING: Sharon Cuneta speaks up on Kiko's affair, admits another problem

    After a photo of Senator Francis Pangilinan seemingly holding hands with Senator Risa Hontiveros spread in the internet, his wife actress Sharon Cuneta finally speaks up about the matter, denying all allegations.

    The actress said that should her husband have an affair, she would not discuss it in public.
    Photo by Notey

    "Kung noon pa, ngayon at bukas ay mapapatunayan kong may iba pang babae sa buhay ni Kiko, ito lang ang masasabi ko: Lahat ng tinahimik ko noong nasira ang first marriage ko, dahil ang pagpapalaki ng Mommy ko sa amin ay ang huwag pag-usapan sa publiko ang dapat ay pribado, at personal," she said.

    Cuneta said that she had learned from her first failed marriage.

    "Do not even THINK about putting one over me. I shall NEVER allow it again. So if I am indeed going through anything now, IT DOES NOT INVOLVE A THIRD PARTY," Cuneta said.

    Cuneta's first marriage was with actor Gabby Concepcion who was later on revealed to have married someone else earlier, thus making his marriage with Cuneta as null and void.

    Despite denying Panglinan's alleged affair, she revealed that she had financial woes.

    "I owe so much money (on very good investments not stupid stuff) and I have NO ONE IN THE WORLD TO HELP ME. I am probably the poorest, most cash-strapped billionaire you know (!). Etc., etc., etc. So much more, and you don't know half of it," she said.

    She added that she has been "used" and "pushed to her limits", yet is forced to work.

    "I am tired of being all things to all people, and I realize no one has really done or been the same for me. I think there are only a few of us who are like that," she said.

    "I should be retired and living off the fruits of my labor now, but instead, I work like a horse when what I should be doing is working only on what I wish to and only when I want to," she added.

    Pangilinan on Sunday posted a message for his wife.

    "Know that as you go through your own life journey I'll be here beside you & even if I may not be able to solve a number of problems you face, my shoulders'll always be here for you to lean on & my arms will always be available for big hugs should you feel the need for them. Always," he said in a tweet.

    The senator posted a photo with his wife, their kids, and his step daughter KC Concepcion with the caption, "An awesome Mom & her children. Happy Mother's day to my partner, my best friend, the only women I will love w/ all my heart & all my soul."

    Source: ABS-CBN

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