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    Sunday, May 21, 2017

    BREAKING: Ex-lawmaker said PNoy gets Pork-barrel commissions from Napoles

    Jacinto "Jing" Paras, Negros Oriental's former representative and a current member of the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption, implied in a statement the alleged involvement of the former president Benigno Aquino III in the Pork Barrel Scam.

    "I had a chance to speak with Napoles long before this PDAF paper came about, sometime in the early part of 2010... I had the chance to meet with Napoles and her lawyer, not Atty. [Stephen] David, another lawyer then... In front of his lawyer, Napoles told me that Noynoy Aquino was getting commission from her," Paras said.

    The said "casual" conversation, according to Paras, took place last 2010, prior to Aquino's triumph over the presidency, in a restaurant which Paras himself formerly operated in Pasig.

    Paras also added that while he and Janet Lim-Napoles were having lunch, they had a short "chat" where Paras asked Napoles for her bet in the 2010 presidential elections.

    "Kay Manny Villar ako e," said Napoles, still according to Paras' statement. When asked why won’t she support Aquino, Napoles' response based on Paras' narrative was: "Sir, ano 'yan e (referring to Aquino) nangongomisyon sa'kin."

    Looking back, Janet Lim-Napoles who was believed to be the mastermind behind the pork barrel scam, has previously been acquitted from detention. 

    Shortly after, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II announced that he intends to tap Napoles as a state witness in the new cases which are to be filed related to the pork barrel scam. This is regarding the Department of Justice' intention to conduct a reinvestigation of the said issue.

    "If she eventually becomes a state witness pakiusap ko lang sa kanya na sabihin ang katotohanan. Kung 'yung sinabi niya sa akin kung 'yon ang katotohanan, I hope she reiterates that when she becomes a state witness," Paras said, directing to Napoles.

    Aquirre also mentioned that he was able to meet with Napoles' lawyers regarding this possibility of having her as a new state witness.

    Paras' claims however was not confirmed by Atty. Stephen David who was one of Napoles' lawyers. Instead, David affirmed Paras to be a “credible guy".

    "Kahit may sinabi (si Napoles), you know mayroong lawyer-client privilege so hindi ko pwedeng i-divulge 'yan," claimed David.

    Meanwhile, Abigail Valte, Aquino's spokesperson, in defense of Aquino stated that: "Some quarters will do anything to associate the former president with Janet Napoles. So far, no one has been able to prove anything, only pointing fingers."

    Valte furthermore, said that the allegations regarding the previous president Aquino, specifically on this pork barrel issue was "preposterous".

    Source: GMA News
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