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    Tuesday, April 11, 2017

    FACE OFF: Winnie Monsod vs Mocha Uson and Atty. Bruce Rivera

    The recent interview of well-known blogger Mocha Uson and prominent lawyer Bruce Rivera on Monday went viral on social media.

    "Isa sa mga isyung pinag-usapan sa 'Bawal ang Pasaway' ay ang laban ng administrasyon kontra droga. Ano kaya ang masasabi nina MOCHA USON BLOG at Atty. Bruce V. Rivera sa mga extra-judicial killings sa bansa?"


    Mocha Uson and Atty. Bruce Rivera are staunch supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte while Professor Winnie Monsod is a known critic of the president.

    Some netizens reacts as the interview "turned out that WINNIE is PASAWAY being biased. Her gesture and facial reaction obviously shows that she is a jaundiced host," posted Ericka Zulyka Lee Gamova in a Facebook status.

    "You (Bruce) and Mocha did great despite the host's attempt to put you to shame. Proud of you!," commented MJ Quiambao Reyes.

    "Yeah , it was obvious that it was an ambush invitation , to put you to shame, FORTUNATELY, you turned the tables, you made her sound stupid, biased and a big ass of herself.. oh at first I was seething with anger but as the show went on, I started to enjoy listening to how you trampled and reduced her to the lowest term. Thank God for a Bruce V. Bruce V. Rivera," said netizen Dale Avellanosa.

    Actress Vivian Velez also reacted saying, "Thrown in a lion's den, you guys came out strong and have proven a point. It was a one sided, maliciously edited interview favoring Lugaw... soap na soap ang dating."

    Concerned netizens also questions Mocha and Atty. Bruce why they accepted the invitation to be interviewed by Monsod.

    Rivera answered, "On Bawal ang Pasaway guesting, simple lang. Alam naming babalahurain kami sa show na yun. Bakit kami pumayag ni Mocha? WE JUST WANTED TO PROVE A POINT. And we proved it."

    Bawal Ang Pasaway kay Mareng Winnie is a commentary TV show on GMA News TV hosted by economist and professor Solita "Winnie" Monsod.

    Video credits: GMA Public Affairs 
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