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    Monday, April 10, 2017

    Sass Sasot slams Trillanes: 'You will FAIL because we will not let you fuck up the dream shared by many millions of Filipinos'

    Well-known blogger and staunch Duterte supporter Sass Rogando Sasot on Monday posted an open letter to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV pointing out her observations on the profiles of the witnesses that the senator has been using to testify against President Rodrigo Duterte.

    "May napansin lang ako sa pattern ng profile ng witnesses mo (Trillanes) kuno. Nagsimula ito kay "Joseph de Mesa" na nagbigay umano sayo ng mga bank records na nakuha naman niya sa kanyang "close relative" na nag-work sa ahensya ng government na na nag-investigate ng ill gotten wealth. Ayon sa affidavit mo, itong si Joseph de Mesa ay isang dating supporter ni PRRD na ina-idolize si Duterte, pero siya ay nag-withdraw ng support after he saw the "alleged" document showing that Duterte has millions in his bank," said Sass.

    She added, "Itong si Matobato dating supporter din ni Duterte. Itong si Lascañas din. Itong si Guillermina rin dating supporter ni PRRD na bumaligtad at naging RORO."

    Guillermina Barrido Arcillas, a businesswoman from Davao, appeared before the media accusing Antonio Trillanes and Leila De Lima of bribing her to testify against President Duterte at the International Criminal Court (ICC). According to Guillermina, Trillanes and De Lima offered her P1 million for her testimony against Duterte, adding that she already received an initial payment of P300,000.

    Per Sass, Trillanes has been using people who would tell the same narrative that they withdrew support because of some sort of "awakening" as he wants to influence public opinion against Duterte.
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    Sasot further wrote, "But you will fail Trillanes. You know why? It's because people could see through your fakery. People are aware of the many positive changes happening under this administration. You will fail because we will not let you fuck up the dream shared by many millions of Filipinos: A leader who has the political will to make our country a better place than it was, so that the next generation would have a better chance of flourishing in our motherland. WE will not let you win because we are fucking tired. Over our dead bodies Senator Trillanes. Over our dead bodies."


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