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    Wednesday, April 12, 2017

    Despite survey result of growing dissatisfaction with Leni Robredo, netizens are still doubtful on VP's approval rating

    On Tuesday, the recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) poll said that Leni Robredo's net satisfaction rating among the public declined for a second consecutive quarter, dropping by 11 percentage points to a "moderate" +26 in the first three months of the year compared to a "good" +37 in December 2016.
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    Robredo's December rating was also lower by 12 percentage points from her "very good" +49 in September 2016, when SWS first conducted a survey on her performance as vice president.

    Thus, this brought up different reactions from netizens and Filipinos around the world.

    "11 points lang ang slide sa approval rating ni Robredo, according to the SWS SURVEY? 26 percent pa yung approval rating niya? Ang laki naman.
    Di kaya 6 percent na lang (if she's lucky)?," reacted New York University alumnus Krizette Laureta Chu in a Facebook post.

    Chu further wrote, "COME ON. You skipped the survey after Typhoon Nina. You knew sobrang negative na ng perception. YOU DELAYED THE PUBLISHING OF THE SURVEY RESULTS UNTIL SUCH A TIME WHEN YOU THINK MAKAKABAWI SYA. But, no, Leni fucked up one after the other: UN video, claiming the Coke truck was hers (remember the Coke truck bearing water, na inangkin ng OVP), the trips to South Africa with people who are no longer relevant, the inflammatory statements, and even the WAC exposes and Leni Leaks."

    "And now that they could no longer hold it off, they had to publish a safe and conservative estimate of a decrease of 11 points. O ano pa man, even if the results aren't real, medyo perspective lang ha:

    Duterte has more than three times the approval rating of Leni Robredo, and yet you guys want him out and her in as President? Mana kayo sa pagiging ambisyoso at ilusyonado," the well-known writer added.

    While De La Salle University History Professor Van Ybiernas wrote, "Of course, we know that the Yellowtards DO NOT number 50% of the votes because if they did, Duterte would not have been president. Duterte's NET satisfaction rating is 63%. But his satisfaction rating is actually HIGHER at 75% because the dissatisfied number ---12%--- has to be subtracted from the satisfied in order to arrive at the NET rating."

    "So, if Robredo's REAL performance becomes exposed for the whole country to see, she could be at the MINUS level, with more people dissatisfied than satisfied. I think she could reach negative territory before the year ends.

    That is, unless she learns her lesson, and just shuts up for the rest of her remaining days as Temporary VP. The PET has already given the go-signal, if I'm not mistaken, for a recount. So, the end is near for Robredo. She could join her daughter in Harvard, proud mother that she is. Only problem is, will Loida still give her Harvard money if she's no longer VP?" stated the DLSU Professor.

    Meanwhile, as reported by CNN, of 1,200 respondents in the latest March 25-28, 2017 survey, almost 5 in 10 or 53 percent said they were "satisfied" with Robredo's performance against 27 percent who said otherwise, yielding a net satisfaction rating of +26.

    Source: Facebook | CNN Philippines
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