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    Sunday, March 5, 2017

    TV Host on Leni's 'War on Trolls': Baka paggising mo wala na Facebook mo

    Political Communications Professional and TV Host Mark Acebedo Lopez hits Leni Robredo on Sunday following the vice president's declaration on 'war on trolls'.

    "So Leni Robredo's War on Trolls (aka a war against freedom-loving citizens) has gone full swing. Leni's team has started to report en masse real accounts from real people who have real love for our country and our duly elected president" said Acebedo.

    He added, "I'm currently comparing notes with fellow Duterte supporters, most of whom I've never met but have, through our own initiative, joined forces to protect each other. And we're reporting a common occurrence across the board: our posts are being mass reported as spam or as having violated community standards. The ultimate goal is to shut down our personal accounts or public pages (I use a personal account)."

    He also appeals to Facebook to do something about this nefarious effort to infringe on our basic rights, our freedom to express and our right to internet 

    Screengrab from Philippine Star

    access, particularly on their platform.

    "Let us defend our freedoms, let us defend our Facebook pages, let us defend our President and our country!" stated Mr. Acebedo using hashtags #BakaPaggisingMoWalaNaFBMo #NatulogKaLang.

    Leni's War on Trolls

    Instead of waging a war against the world, Leni should do some introspection and ask herself why netizens hate her so much. They are called netizens because they are citizens who use the internet as a medium to express, and the right to internet access has been declared a basic human right, by the way.

    The loudest voices against her on social media are not from bots or an army of paid trolls, they are from real people with real qualifications: doctors, lawyers, writers, artists, students, et. al., ordinary people who've been empowered by an extraordinary medium that highlights the social of things, the society, people. Facebook, the great equalizer, is therefore the people's media.

    So before Leni the oblivious declares a war against "trolls," she should know that she is waging a war against people, real people whose only crime is not liking her because they see through a charlatan's charade.

    While the President she's itching to replace wages war against drugs, a contentious and controversial yet compelling and crucial War on Drugs, Leni has trained her sights on Filipinos who aren't fond of her and who're simply enjoying their basic human rights of freedom of expression and access to the internet to articulate their feelings. How profoundly misguided and ill-advised this woman is.

    Here right here you will see her priorities, her objectives. The President is being judged because he wants to protect the people; Leni is all about self-preservation, she wants her online critics silenced. Palakpakan. Wonderful.

    Leni, the only war you should wage is a war against yourself. All of your problems are self-inflicted. You want to live a more peaceful life and govern better? Start with shutting the fuck up.

    Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez
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