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    Saturday, March 18, 2017

    Sister of late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago condemns Robredo and states her plan has failed

    Paula Defensor-Knack, sister of late Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Saturday expressed her support to President Rodrigo Roa Duterte through a Facebook post.

    "I WANT YOU TO KNOW that the family of Sen. Miriam supports Duterte because he won the elections. Three members of the family of Miriam work for the government. It is our duty to defend him. Defensors don't abandon friends. MDS does not like that unless they attack us first," stated Paula, an alumnus of Technical University of Munich, Germany.
    Paula Defensor-Knack | Leni Robredo
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    Per Paula, the local media is spreading false stories and facts. Some are half-truths. They twist things so people see only one side and they hide the rest of the story.

    "The opposition's alternative to Duterte is EVEN WORSE and HAS NO SKILLS! I am in the EU. Nothing serious is happening regarding the Philippines as of this posting. How could they care, we are not even a member of the EU and the EU Court is for EU members. MEDIA IS SPREADING DISINFORMATION," said Paula Defensor.

    She added, "The opposition's alternative to Duterte is EVEN WORSE and HAS NO SKILLS! Of course Duterte's opponents cannot see the truth because they have vested interest in grabbing power. Or perhaps, they think they will become popular by criticizing and quoting legal things here and there without having studied the law and what it says."


    Source: Facebook | Eric Clark Su
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