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    Sunday, March 12, 2017

    EXPOSED: Sandra Cam airport scandal, VIP wannabe?

    An abusive conduct at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport of whistle-blower Sandra Cam whirls through social media over the weekend.

    The scene happened on February when Sandra Cam was allegedly not accorded the VIP treatment she had expected by the airport ground personnel, even boasting of her anticipated appointment to a Cabinet post in three months.


    Should a person who behave like this be appointed to the cabinet? Hopefully, Mocha can turn her ire on this.

    "Unappeased, she went on to shout at the young worker in Filipino, “You know, hija? I was on the phone. Do you know who I was talking to? I was talking to Bong Go. Do you know me? If you don’t, search me up on Google. I told you already I had no government ID because in three months I would be a member of the Cabinet.”

    She further ranted on about the MIAA employee being unfit to be a worker at the airport and threatened to have her dismissed from her job.

    “I was a former flight attendant and that is not how you approach passengers. The reason I was put here (VIP lounge) is because I might get shot outside. Can you give me protection?” Cam said in Filipino.

    Out of courtesy, both the VIP lounge manager and the young worker apologized to Cam but she continued: “No. My blood pressure has already shot up. I won’t let this pass.”

    To pacify the former whistle-blower, the manager gave her bottled water, which Cam refused, saying, “Why should I pay P1,200 for this small room when you have nothing to offer but water and coffee?”

    When Cam calmed down, the manager explained that all VIP lounges at Naia terminals charge user fees and that only government officials are exempted from the fees.

    Cam then took the manager’s ID as well as that of the young woman’s and took pictures of them using her mobile phone. Instead of handing back the young woman’s ID, Cam threw it on the floor."

    Meanwhile, labor group Partido Manggagawa (PM) also urged the airport worker and her manager “to file the appropriate charges” against Cam who, before the airport incident, described herself as a jueteng (local numbers game) whistle-blower. [INQ]

    Cam also ran for senator in 2016. Back then, she declared, "Ako po ay lumalaban sa pagkasenador dahil gusto ko lang po na magkaroon ng tunay na boses ang masang Pilipino sa Senado (I am running for senator because I just want the Filipino masses to have a true voice in the Senate)."


    Sandra Cam answers allegations on airport 'misconduct'

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