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    Wednesday, March 15, 2017

    Open Letter to Leni Robredo: Sobra ka na — WE ALL GATHER TO CALL FOR YOUR OUSTER

    Open Letter to the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines — Leni Robredo

    Dear VP LENI,

    Please dont antagonize people enough--you've crossed the line from pretending to give objective criticism to just dishing pure, malicious, intentionally misleading statements meant to destabilize a democratically, overwhelmingly elected leader--that WE ALL GATHER TO CALL FOR YOUR OUSTER.

    Baka akala niyo tatanggapin lang namin ito. You better present proof of your "palit ulo" statement.

    We pro government people have been on the defensive long enough. We have to rally on social media and in the streets just to defend Duterte from destabilizers.

    NAKAKAPAGOD NA. Baka it's time to turn the tables? Kayo naman. Baka 

    gusto nyo na kayo namang hindi marurunong mag rally ang maging on the defensive? Subukan natin.

    It will be embarrassing for you because nobody has tried to storm the streets to call for the resignation of a Vice President, and you will be first.

    Huwag sosobra sa nagpapakalat ka na ng mali-maling impormasyon, at baka ikaw ang subject ng next People Power.

    Sobra ka na. Hindi na namin aantayin yung resulta ng recount. Baka nakakalimutan mo how many pro Duterte people there are. If you've forgotten, we might just remind you in Luneta, and soon.

    By Krizette Laureta Chu 

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