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    Friday, March 17, 2017

    New York University Alumnus: Filipinos are collectively the one thing LP and Leni Robredo cannot afford

    By Krizette Laureta Chu

    OFWS all over the world, you are collectively the one thing LP and Leni Robredo cannot afford.
    Photo credits: Leni Robredo Official Website

    They can buy and pay off everyone they want except the peoples' support, and they do not have the strength in numbers.

    The reason they cannot bring Duterte down in the international area is because we have more than 10 million OFWs worldwide, OFWs who serve as our PR company, telling their bosses, their friends, their colleagues, their clients, about the truth. Most of these OFWs are pro Duterte, even pro BBM.

    Loida, with all her money and reach, cannot compete with this.

    While LP and Leni Robredo go on an offensive, please do something concrete to show your support for the President,

    Filipinos in Europe, especially, write your officials in the parliament. You elected them and they will listen to you. Keep spreading the good things happening in our country and countering the negative spin.

    The LP is on it's last push. This is it.

    They have played all the cards they could play: 
    In 2017, they have tried trial by publicity (Lascanas and Matobato), impeachment (Alejano), paltry rally figures (EDSA), the international tribunal (ICC), the European Parliament, and the UN, and the wrong information shown in the media.

    They have exerted all their efforts. Nakakapagod na di ba? Why do we have to keep on defending a President we had the right to elect? Mali naman ata. But please don't lose hope. This is their last hurrah, with arrows coming from all directions.

    Kaya yan. They are losing steam. Matatapos na ito. Sa impeachment, pag di nag prosper, 1 year si Duterte hindi puwede makasuhan.
    Kaya, kapit mga bes, and defend democracy. Most of all, be proactive about SHOWING your support.

    In the next few days, the call out for Leni to resign will be much more concrete. Hindi puwedeng ganito na lang tayo, puro defend. But please carry on.
    They're intensifying; we intensify 1000x more.

    Kita kita sa kalsada. #LeniResign

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu
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