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    Wednesday, March 15, 2017

    Netizens on Leni Robredo's video message for the Human Rights Challenge: Wala kang concern sa Pilipinas!

    Leni Robredo's video message for the Human Rights Challenge:

    Criticisms rained over Leni Robredo following her speech regarding the alleged drug-related extrajudicial killings in the Philippines that will be discussed in an international forum. She said it was comforting that "the international community's eyes are on us" and "human rights advocates are watching over our country."

    In her recorded speech, Robredo said those rounded up in poor communities are told by the authorities that "they didn't have the right to demand search warrants because they were squatters and did not own the property on which their houses were built while some of those who ask for a search warrant "have been beaten and physically abused for doing so."

    Robredo also revealed in the recorded speech of the alleged "palit-ulo" scheme, "which literally means exchange heads, where the wife or husband or relative of a person in a so-called drug list will be taken if the person himself could not be found."

    "Some of those have told us that when there's crime, they normally go to the police. Now they don't know where to turn to. Our people feel both hopeless and helpless — a state of mind that we must all take seriously," she said.

    The thing here is, if Leni Robredo already knew about these instances, why does the people in her 'own' country doesn't and couldn't really feel like she really cares? 

    As what New York University Alumnus and well-known writer Krizette Chu posted in her Facebook account, "...only a shrewd, malicious, greedy politician will think of telling the world what is wrong with your country rather than telling the authorities who can actually do something about it."

    She added, "If you really want this country to be better--even if the credit goes to Duterte--then you would have told people about "palit ulo" before. You sat on this "info" and used it--erroneously--for what? So you can have leverage? King ina, kaya mong alam mo na may ganyan, pero wala kang ginagawa o pinagsasabihan? KASI THE TRUTH IS YOU ARE NOT CONCERNED ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. YOU ARE ONLY CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR OWN GOALS. Wala kang concern sa Pilipinas!"

    Well known blogger and social media activist Sass Rogando Sasot also posted, "Leni Robredo would rather make a video and complain about this government to the international community than help resolve the issue she raised. But the point is: SHE DOESN'T HAVE ANY CLUE HOW TO RESOLVE IT! 

    "Madam Vice president, you should resign. Mag apply ka na lang maging head ng isang NGO," added Sass.
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