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    Saturday, March 18, 2017

    Netizen slams Leni and LP: You are not really Filipinos! You are traitors!

    How do we betray our country? Let us count the ways.

    First, you paint a narrative of our country in the most negative light. For the whole world to see. For them to feel disgust at our leaders, for them to feel horrified and upset. You appeal to the emotion of the international community. You tell them lies, more lies and damn statistics! You invent the fear when there is none. You distort a police scheme to heighten the fear, and blow up the narrative.
    Photo credits: Manila Bulletin News
    You paint a picture of gloom, of murder and mayhem, of chaos, and you say that we are hopeless, and that we are helpless.

    Two, your cabal makes an attempt to impeach a sitting president who has a clear mandate, and who has done so much in so little time. Your attack dogs file the impeachment complaint, and let it proceed accordingly. They file it knowing that whatever the outcome, and even if it is flawed or without substance, it paves the way for further destabilization. They craft it deliberately to fail, so that you can once again tell the world that we have a failed state and that it is time for foreigners to intervene.

    And then you have an ally who was recently jailed for criminal activities. Because you cannot get the sympathy of the Filipino people, your cabal once again brings her case abroad, and portray the prosecution of the criminal as political persecution. Your group tries to buy sympathy from supposedly international vanguards of human rights like the EU, AI and HRW. But then again, the EU is on the verge of disintegration while AI and HRW have been discredited in the past for their own corrupt practices. Which is why even outside, credibility seem to be in short supply for you.

    In essence, you are bringing the fight into the international stage, in the hope that we be treated as a Burma or some African state ruled by so called despots.
    Perhaps there are bigger forces that are actually using you and your cabal. Maybe there are geopolitical issues that have a wide ranging effect on the balance of power which our president may have slightly tilted, thus he is now being made to be vilified and attacked endlessly.

    Whatever it is, you who are part and parcel of this plot to remove our duly elected president, are not just ousting a leader.

    You are ruining our hopes, our dreams and our aspiration. You who are going out of your way to destabilize, are destroying not just a country but the future of our children.

    The saddest and the most cruel part is that as decent, as intelligent and as righteous you all are, you are nothing but hawkers and puppets who have sold your souls.

    You may have the Filipino skin and appearance. But you are not really Filipinos.
    You are traitors!

    By Mark Lopez


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