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    Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    Netizen describes Robredo: 'Talks like an angel but silences her critics like a mad dictator'

    By Kim Iqs 

    Leni is destroying this country every time she opens her mouth. She scarred the Philippines when she declared EJK is institutionalized here months ago. It isn't.

    She said there are 7000+ deaths from the war on drugs. Her figures are wrong.

    She said palit-ulo is rampant-scary. Turns out she does not even understand the scheme and that it is provided for by the law of the land.

    While she is busy maligning the president, the Filipino people, and the country, she is unwittingly making Pinas better.


    She is sharpening the political discernment of Filipinos. Now thanks to her and the LP propaganda machinery, Filipinos are seeing consistent patterns of TRA-PO modus.
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    Finally goody speeches don't work anymore. Alas PR stunts are detected before it even becomes viral (the tsinelas and bus-riding PR backfired). The masses are no longer drama-driven. They are now thinking Pinoys (pun intended, Hi RJ Nieto).

    Have you seen how many angry reactions she got when she had her "liwanag" speech?

    If the LP and the Yellows operated a Matrix-like program in Philippine politics, Neo already came and many people are unplugged from their alternative reality.
    Now we know drugs is a huge problem and narcopolitics is at play. Now we know about the environmental pains of mining and how little we get out from it, about institutionalized corruption, about political power plays from the ouster of Erap, to the political persecution of GMA, to the impeachment of Corona.

    Today, people are seeing more the stark contrast between Duterte and Robredo. The other talks like a heartless dictator but is very forgiving to critics, the other talks like an angel but silences her critics like a mad dictator.

    So thank you Leni. Talk more. Declare war on your critics and censor them. Buy us time to convince more Filipinos we do not need the likes of you and your politics. No, not anymore.

    Source: Facebook | Kim Iqs 
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