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    Friday, March 17, 2017

    LOOK: Leni Robredo and allies' game plan revealed

    "Sa manlulupig, di ka pasisiil"

    Philippine's tragedy is the persisting mentality that foreigners' seal of approval is the highest accolade the nation and the Filipino people can get. And that like little children, domestic problems and conflicts must be settled by the foreigners' almighty intervention. Enslaved for 300 years plus by the Spaniards and 50 years more by the Americans, the colonial subservience remains. The country's leaders and the direction the country has taken during world war 2, more than prove that point.
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    Leni Robredo's appeal to the international community to stop Duterte is the latest in a string of shameful if not treasonous moves.

    Benigno Aquino Sr. collaborated with the Japanese to advance his family's fortune and power. His son, Benigno Aquino Jr., conspired with the Malaysians to bring then President Marcos down. EDSA's people power had the American's hand all over it until Marcos was safely deposed and spirited to Hawaii. In the 1989 coup wherein Cory's government almost fell, the American fighter jets at Cory's behest, flew "persuasion" flights against the rebels. In Abnoy's failed Nobel Peace Prize ambition, he kowtowed to the Malaysians for the promise that they would help in settling the separatist problem.

    Now Duterte must be ousted with the help and approval of foreigners because majority of the Filipino people will not. The game plan from Aquino Sr. to Aquino Jr. to Cory to Abnoy to Robredo has not changed. Create chaos domestically then let the foreigners deliver the coup de grace. Pretenders all, embodying mendicancy in their lust for power.

    But this is the Filipinos' time. This is when they will stand their ground and fight for their right to achieve their destiny as bequeathed by the Almighty. This is when they have found their collective voices and political will to support a President who stakes "his life, his honor and the presidency itself" in the fulfillment of his covenant with the people. This is when Filipinos' interest, dreams and aspirations rule supreme.

    And those who undermine the people's hopes and future, and their evil collaborators will find themselves crushed and terminated by history's extreme prejudice, once and for all.


    By Dan Jimenez

    Source: Facebook

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