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    Thursday, March 16, 2017

    LOOK: Is this a demolition job against Senator Alan Peter Cayetano?

    Well known blogger R Joseph Nieto also known as Thinking Pinoy on Thursday posted a screengrab of an Inquirer article questioning the citizenship of Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.
    Senator Alan Peter Cayetano | Photo by ABS-CBN News

    According to Nieto, US-based lawyer Rodel Rodis wriote an article attacking Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano's citizenship on the ground that the latter was born to an American mother and a Filipino father, without consulting Cayetano's side on the matter and without checking Comelec case records showing that the points he raised have been resolved long ago, according to Cayetano in a Facebook live session conducted 14 hours after the article's publication (http://bit.ly/2mLVare).

    "Rodis belongs to Loida Nicolas-Lewis' Global Filipino Diaspora Council, a rabidly anti-Administration group that shared the center stage with Robredo chief propagandist Pete Silva in #LeniLeaks (http://bit.ly/2jiRzCc)," said Thinking Pinoy.

    He added, "I presume that Rodis should be a pretty good lawyer for him to be made part of Inquirer's US Bureau. Reviews about him, however, suggest otherwise."

    Now, is this another demolition job being cooked by the leftists against Duterte supporters? Refer to the photo below:
    Photo by Thinking Pinoy

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