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    Monday, March 6, 2017

    Former DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan III defends President Duterte against US State Department pronouncements

    Following the statements released by the US State Department against President Rodrigo Roa Duterte saying that the chief executive is suppressing the freedom of speech and expression on public attacks on individuals and international bodies who have criticized his policies, former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Rafael Alunan III expressed his exasperation and defend the president through his Facebook post on Monday.
    Left: President Duterte | Right: Rafael Alunan III

    In its annual human rights report released on its website Friday, the US State Department said that individuals could criticize the government publicly or privately and even discuss matters of general public interest. However, Duterte’s “public attacks on individuals and international bodies who have criticized his policies had a chilling effect on free speech and expression.” [PhilippineStar]

    They cited as an example President Duterte's public accusations against Senator Leila De Lima, the former Secretary of Justice and the alleged top druglord protector in the Philippines who is currently detained in PNP Custodial Center due to drug related cases.

    "Bullshit. They verbally attack or smear or frame sovereign nations but when they fire back it has a "chilling effect?" What kind of sissy talk is that? Who is stopping anyone here from speaking up? The President isn't stopping anyone from talking. In fact our press here is so free that it's expensive." said Alunan.

    He added, "Social media is unsocial. And they're all alive! He's the one being attacked by partisans, do-gooders and even foreigners left right and centre who have no business butting in on our internal affairs. He's simply defending himself. Has he behaved like the jailed Ampatuans? Or Abu Sayaff? Or NPA? Or Maute? Or Al-Qaeda? Isn't he more like Wyatt Earp and Eliott Ness trying to clean up the enormous mess he inherited? Or like Presidents of countries like Mexico heavily infected by the drug virus?

    Alunan appeals to US State Department: "If you're failing back there in the U.S. against the drug problem, mind your own failure. If you can't be a friend you say you are and actually help stamp out the fire from both the demand and supply side, then just stand aside. We want to succeed here."

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