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    Saturday, February 18, 2017

    LOOK: What does this Uber driver just did?

    "Like OMG. Galit sya. Tired frm work na nga imberna pa si kuya #uberdriver #rudeuberdriver So kuya refused my req trip to Megamall becoz pauwi na sya ng Marikina. Its not even allowed with Uber. Unlike grabcar they can cancel it."

    That's how netizen Gee San Pedro describes his horrible experience with an Uber driver who cancelled his requested trip to SM Megamall, Saturday morning.

    Per Gee, he patronize Uber since then. In fact, he is also an Uber operator.

    This is what's indicated in the Uber Community Guidelines:

    "We want Uber to be enjoyable and safe for everyone. These ground rules are designed to ensure that riders and drivers have a five star ride when using Uber. Please take a moment to read them. Because whether you’re a rider trying to get from A to B — or a partner wanting to earn money as a driver — your behavior matters."

    You read it right, "your behavior matters" cause as we alknow, everybody deserves to be respected.

    But, wait. What does this Uber driver just did?


    Source: Facebook

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