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    Thursday, February 9, 2017

    Thinking Pinoy lambasted Rappler Correspondent: I cursed at you idiots because you are pathetic hypocrites

    Is #SPO4 Pia Ranada Robles LOSING HER MIND?
    By Rey Joseph Nieto (Thinking Pinoy)

    In her newest college sorority blog post, Rapplerette Pia Ranada Robles again threw journalistic ethics out the window and used her twisted version of reality to propagate her and her company's agenda.

    Part of her blog post reads:

    "Nieto had cursed the press corps for its statement against Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar when the official had accused Palace reporters of 'misreporting' the President's martial law remarks."

    No, Pia. I cursed at you idiots because you are pathetic hypocrites. You claim to be loyal and dedicated to your profession, yet you are one of the laziest and most
    Disclaimer: Photo not owned, CTTO

    dishonest journalists on the planet.

    Pia, you claim bloggers do not have ethics and that mainstream journalists do. But then, this is the Nth time you've written about me without getting my side. What does that make you? Another "unethical" blogger like me?

    Pia, you are not fooling anyone but yourself.

    To refresh the reader's memory, let me re-publish that video I posted on January 17th, the same video that Pia was referring to. This was taken in Singapore while I was on the run, i.e. dodging death threats.

    WATCH Thinking Pinoy - TP talks about The Malacañang Press Corps:

    Source: Thinking Pinoy - TP

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