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    Friday, February 17, 2017

    Prominent Lawyer to Trillanes: He is self-centered, self-righteous, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing and most of all, stupid

    We have someone who has peaked too soon in the end of his political career. 

    Someone who has lost touch with reality. Someone who feels so self-entitled that he thinks the world owes him an explanation because he said so. Someone who see every Filipino as a stupid pawn who will listen to his every word that he has the audacity to waste airtime with his press conference.

    We call him Trillanes.

    Sometime ago, before his hairline receded and his ego bloated, many voted for him. He was a rebel soldier who occupied a five star hotel because his skin care regimen prohibited him from marching in the streets. While I never voted for him, many voters who looked for a senatorial candidate they can actually fantasize about gave him a Senate slot while still in jail. And when he got out, all hell broke loose.

    He is self-centered, self-righteous, self-indulgent, self-aggrandizing and most of all, stupid. He likes to accuse and worst of all, is too lazy to even prove it, he has to ask the one he accuses to prove him wrong.

    I remember a story:
    May beki na nagsabi sa isang boylet, supot ka. Tapos sabi ng boylet, di totoo. Sabi ni beki, di ako naniniwala. Prove it. Sabi ng boylet, kung di ako supot, ipapakain ko sa yo to. Sabi ni beki...(takam) uhmmm, alam ko supot ka. Kaya payag ako sa challenge mo. Pakkk!!!
    (Si beki, kahit mali siya, quiet na. May nakaumang na sa bibig.)

    He accuses President Duterte of being corrupt and asks him to prove he is not 
    Photo credits: Inquirer News

    corrupt. But he conveniently forgot 30 years of government service, his home open to the prying eyes of the people, his life open for every ones scrutiny and the track record of impeccable service as proof sufficient to make him look like a fool. Not just an ordinary fool but insect grade fool.

    Highly evolved mammals during experiment would never pass by a route that will jolt them with 1000 volts of electricity twice. But a cockroach will pass the same route because it is the shortest albeit the danger.

    That is our Trillanes. He got burned before with the same allegation and he is repeating the same again. Or maybe he is a masochist?

    Worst, he forgot to factor a very important aspect. Before you dare someone to prove he is not corrupt, isn't it that you have done the dare first. Senator Trillanes has just been in public office fairly recently. Before that, he was a soldier. And I know how much a soldier earns. So, if he can afford the travels and other luxuries on a public officer's salary then where does he get the money?


    By Atty. Bruce V. Rivera

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