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    Monday, February 6, 2017

    New York University Alumnus slams CBCP: You no longer has the power to call people to action the way Jaime Cardinal Sin had

    By: Krizette Laureta Chu

    The Catholic Church condemned the killings, but we already know that they condemn killings. Duterte is the least Catholic--not Christian, Catholic--of all the candidates last elections, and the Church's many priests campaigned against him, and he still won.

    This is proof that the Church does not hold major sway among the most of us anymore. So please relax and do not condemn the Church's condemnation. The CBCP no longer has the power to call people to action the way Jaime Cardinal Sin had.

    And on Feb. 25, when and if they call out for People Power, they will realize just how non existent their perceived power is.

    If they didn't get this reality with Duterte's win, they will when they call for mobilization and very few people show up.

    Tao lang sila, at kahit tama sila na mali pumatay, mali sila sa pag aakala na state 
    Photo courtesy: Viva Filipinas

    sponsored ang murders. No one has been able to prove it. No one was able to prove it when Duterte was mayor; no one will able to prove it now that he's President.

    And, as an aside: The Catholic Church is not its priests. Jesus was not like today's priests. He was never a hypocrite. Pope Francis will never be a Teodoro Bacani.

    The Church is not here nor there. The Kingdom of God is within you. The Church will last as long as there are believers, and it will outlast any government or leader. It will evolve, like any institution. It already is evolving, under Pope Francis.

    At a time when we lose our faith in the church we belong to, never lose faith in the God you believe in.

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu | Facebook
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