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    Sunday, February 26, 2017

    New York University Alumnus' open letter to anti-Dutertes: Walang effect ang kayabangan ninyo

    Dear anti Dutertes wishing for Duterte's ouster so he can be replaced by lazy Leni,

    It sucks to be you right now.

    You are paltry in number, and you couldn't even stick around until midnight, and then you have the arrogance to wish for Duterte's removal? Lolo nyong panot na si Pnoy.

    It sucks to be you because you live in a democracy and the voice of the majority always wins.

    Luneta, Davao, Cebu, Tokyo, the Hague, London, etc, all showed up and are showing up for Duterte. Ano, kayo pa rin masusunod? Spoiled brats much?

    Sabi niyo lalayas kayo pag nanalo si Duterte, naka ilang rally na kayo, nandito 

    pa rin kayo. 

    Matuto kayong mag antay. Pasensya kayo demokrasya ito. Pasensya kayo mahal siya ng tao. Pasensya kayo kahit na feeling niyo na kayo ang magaling, walang effect ang kayabangan ninyo.

    Feb 25 was your last hurrah. Tuldok. Period. You exploited the symbolism of EDSA and look, still nothing. Tanga na lang ang mag fufund pa ng destabilization plot.

    Here's my middle finger up for all of you who think you know better. OH EH DI KAYO NA ANG MARAMING ALAM. Magsama kayo ni Jim Paredes. Pag may traffic sa inyo kami mag rereklamo kasi sa inyo ang EDSA.

    Suck it up, because Duterte will stay until we the people want him to stay. 

    SUCK. IT. UP.

    By Krizette Laureta Chu

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