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    Tuesday, February 14, 2017

    Former Presidential Assistance on EA advised PRRD Supporters: Let the plotters move first

    Jose Alejandrino, former Presidential Assistant for Economic Affairs to Philippines under Ramos administration, advised President Rodrigo Roa Duterte supporters to let the plotters move first on the opposition's plan on February 25 to go back to EDSA "to get back the country and rights", as they call it.

    Photo credits: Rappler

    Let the Opposition and Trillanes coup plotters make the first move. Let us see how many they are on Edsa Day. Then we Dutertistas strike back in massive rallies around the country to support the president and give him the revolutionary powers to arrest the plotters for sedition and haul them to jail.

    In each city, all the organizers of DDS get the people to rally at a central point where the People's Proclamation can be read out declaring a revolutionary government and inviting the president to assume revolutionary powers. The process is simple. It is all a matter of organization and coordination. The trigger for People Power will be the Opposition plan to bring down Duterte by a coup or otherwise. Once the president has revolutionary powers like Cory had he can issue the necessary decrees to arrest the coup plotters and the criminals involved with them.

    Let us be ready to react instantly to the moves of the Opposition. Let them start it and we will finish it.

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    Source: Jovybev Aquino

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