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    Tuesday, February 7, 2017

    Ex-Trial Justice Daughter: De Lima is part of the grand plot to unseat Duterte that will do anything no matter how shameless and dishonorable

    A Senator of this land said this. Actually and truly said this:

    “The summary executions are state sponsored. But I don’t have proof on that at this point.”

    And she didn’t mean it metaphorically—these summary executions. Nor as an allegory. Nor as a parody of anything that would have made us laugh.
    Leila de Lima was dead serious when she said this.

    How is it possible that this unfortunate human being became a senator of our land? How did she pass the bar exams? I hear she not only passed the bar exams but topped it. So I will not underestimate her and call her stupid.

    Leila must have some other agenda when she said this patently stupid statement with microphones shoved to her face. Because this is something you say in private when you’re a Senator. Only to trusted friends in a small party and you are assured no one’s going to quote you. (Unless you're Sonny Trillanes and hence, are just terribly stupid.)

    But Leila said it out loud, with cameras and microphones trained on her –so we all hear it. And she said it with a straight face. Except that I don’t think Leila was really mainly talking to us, Filipinos.

    I think Leila’s target audience is the international press. And furthermore, I think 
    Photo Courtesy: Asian Correspondent

    Leila de Lima is on someone’s payroll (YUP. Sue me, Leila. PLEASE. I BEG YOU. ) 

    And she’s just earning her keep.

    And her saying these terribly irresponsible and downright dangerous things is her way to plant seeds of doubt that she and her patroness hope will bring down the Duterte presidency.

    I think Leila de Lima is part of a grand plot to unseat Rodrigo Duterte and that she will stop at nothing—do anything no matter how shameless, how dishonorable—to accomplish this.

    And I think she does all that and says all that because Leila de Lima is on the verge of being exposed as one of our country’s top drug coddlers and whatever other crimes she may have committed against the Filipino people.

    (If only our execrable public officials do their jobs and prosecute her.)

    I listen to her say her shit with a dead stare and sometimes with her jowls shaking in rage and indignation and in that peculiar high pitched, hysterical voice as she claims innocence and virtue—like any of us would believe her.

    Leila dear, the snort-o-meter in this country goes bonkers when you do your Oscar performance of righteous indignation. Millions of snorts of derision generated across the land! (Including any place on earth inhabited by Filipinos. So, pretty much the whole world SNORTS, Leila. FYI.)

    When I see Leila do her shit thing, I see a corrupt public official fighting for her life. This is what I see.

    By: Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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