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    Friday, February 17, 2017

    Former Lawyer of Napoles: Corruption in 2017, not Duterte's fault

    By Bruce V. Rivera

    I have seen a lot of posts made by Yellows cursing the President for his failure in the fight against corruption. And as proof they pointed out the following, to wit:

    1. Napoles is virtually acquitted in the illegal detention case;
    2. GMA's corruption cases were thrown out and now, she is back in Congress;
    3. The Marcos family is back and in power again.

    And I grimace in pain. I feel the agony of their stupidity. Yes, there is a reason to curse but it was directed at the wrong person. Duterte is not the culprit. Poor preparation and sloppy prosecution is the reason why corruption cases are thrown out. And let me remind you that the prosecution in both Napoles and GMA happened during Pnoy's term.

    In 2010, when Pnoy took office, GMA was the poster girl for corruption. Pnoy demolished her by making her the cause of all the country's woes in 5 of the 6 SONAs. But despite his damning rhetoric, all the cases resulted in acquittal. 

    Surely, Duterte was not in-charge then. So why do you guys blame our President if GMA is back in business.

    The reality you have to admit, my jaundiced friends, is that despite a bar 
    Photo credits: Good Filipino

    topnotcher Justice Secretary who was willing to violate an SC issued injunction, in spite of the fact that Pnoy pressured a sitting Ombudsman to resign and replacing her with a retired SC lady justice with prosecutorial expertise and a media will to paint black any target he wished to destroy, GMA is not in jail.

    Not Duterte's fault.

    Napoles is another story. Pnoy wanted her so bad, he was willing to do everything to jail her and his opponents. He used the institutions to build a flawed criminal charge just to keep her in jail and forced a conviction to satisfy the angry mob who demanded Napoles' head on a plate. After all, his media created such a terrible story about Napoles, there was reason to villify her. But when you craft a flawed story, dismantling it is easier.

    Again, not Duterte's fault.

    The Marcos and the government's failure to prosecute and take back the alleged ill-gottenwealth is something that happened under Cory's watch.

    Which is clearly, not Duterte's fault.

    PRRD is just starting with his prosecution of the corrupt. Let me get back to you in six years and let us see if the ones he has prosecuted will still be free and in power. By that time, you have every right to curse. It will be his fault.
    For now, you can either shut your yap or blame the real culprits.

    Source: Atty. Bruce V. Rivera

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