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    Monday, January 2, 2017

    Writer's Open Letter to CNN and its reporter Will Ripley: Too lazy to find your own source, what a shame

    Dear CNN CNN International CNN Philippines Will Ripley,

    I would like to know how it is acceptable for you to do a story on Edgar Matobato without mentioning the loopholes in his stories, discussed in heavy detail during the Philippine Senate hearing. Do you have so little respect for our government you think our own investigations have little bearing on your reportage?

    Even the Opposition have stopped using Matobato in the Philippines because everybody knows how shot his credibility is, except to peddle him to clueless, fame hungry journalists like Will Ripley who so badly want a "viral" story to boost his floundering career, he regurgitates a New York Times "scoop." Major news networks were given a chance to interview Duterte last Dec. 29. Not one of them thought Matobato was still newsworthy enough to be discussed.

    Have you no pride, Will?

    Photo source: Krizette Laureta Chu (Facebook)

    Too lazy to find your own source, Will? What a shame. Even the New York Times have stopped using him as a "source," and yet Will rifled through the trash that's been chucked out by other news agencies because he had a motive and an agenda--and was too busy eating balut to actually dive into the story.

    You stayed for a few days in the Philippines, Will. Yet you used your time to do inane videos like "eat balut" instead of going to slums and looking for somebody you can interview? You even went to Davao, you could not find a new source? You know why there's nobody else? Because Matobato is a liar.

    You remind me of a high school kid given two weeks to finish his homework, crams on the last day and delivers subpar, copied, fished-from-the-trash report to save his ass.

    I strongly urge CNN to investigate Will's story. You must not let a lazy, fame hungry reporter tarnish your reputation.

    By: Krizette Laureta Chu

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