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    Wednesday, January 18, 2017

    Writer to Leni Robredo: Ano mema na lang? Maka-kontrabida na lang?

    What happened to Leni? 

    Self-confessed Leni Robredo supporter during the May 2016 election, Krizette Laureta Chu, expressed her disappointment to the vice president on her latest pronouncement opposing the planned distribution of condom by the Department of Health.

    "Let me just say that I was very surprised that Leni Robredo had something negative to say about the planned condom distribution by the DOH. As far as I know, Leni is a woman who has always fought for the rights of other women as a women's rights advocate during her time as Sec. Jesse Robredo's wife/First Lady. That, at least, is what she said when I got the chance to have lunch with her before. And then this complete turnaround," stated the well-known writer.

    With confusion, Chu also asked, "Why, Leni, why? You of all people should know that teenage pregnancies, women who need to take ownership of their bodies, population control are some of the biggest issues your fellow women and FEMINISTS (real ones) stand for. Does this signal the utter and complete "politicization" of your character? Who are you? What happened to you and your advocacies? What did they do to you? Ano ito, maging mema na lang? Maka kontrabida na lang? Or is this pandering to the priests, who you owe favors to because they constantly tear down the reputation of Duterte? Ano na? Karapatan ng kababaihan ito."

    The witty writer also added, "Hindi ko maintindihan. Pinalitan ba nila ang katawang lupa ni Leni Robredo? Siya pa ba yan? ANONG NANGYAYARI."

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

    But yeah, this should be a serious question. What really happened to Leni Robredo? Why some Filipino who supported her felt betrayed by the elected vice president of the Republic of the Philippines? Acting like an antagonist in a Bad-ass Duterte movie.

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