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    Sunday, January 8, 2017

    Writer Krizette Chu to Yellow Trolls who blocked her account: Coward, magaling sa dada

    After being blocked on her own Facebook account because of some posts critical of VP Leni Robredo on Saturday, writer Krizette Chu is finally back from Facebook suspension.

    "I'm back from my suspension/FB block. Hindi pa nakuntento, somebody tried to break into/crack the password/have my new temporary page put down too, so I cant access my other temporary account "Krizette Chu." I had to submit identification to FB so they can review my account," said Krizette.

    She added, "Dont push me or I will raise funds from fellow Duterte supporters to pay the best of the best hackers and investigators and IT professionals and unmask you and reveal your IP addresses and true identities, all of you fake pages and trolls. Nobody can stay anonymous forever, tandaan nyo yan. COWARDS. Magagaling sa dada, pero hindi kaya magpakita ng mukha kasi hindi nyo kaya panindugan ang mga sinasabi nyo."

    Photo source (R) Krizette Chu Facebook

    The well-known writer and Duterte supporter also set a new rule to all the trolls:

    "You engage me here and you can say whatever you want to say, but say it respectfully, and even if you're a fake account, you're welcome. If your FB account is new or have less than 500 friends, and you're rude, you're getting blocked. I dont owe you anything. Ang dami kong hindi nakuda sa pinaka exciting na araw ng #Lenileaks dahil sa inyo. Buti na lang kung pinablinock nyo ko if I were as rude and as stupid as the pages you follow na magaling lang sa name calling. Isa pa, I am not even a real threat to your Santa Leni the way Sass, TP, and Mocha are. I am too lazy to do the kind of investigation they do and I dont have even one percent of Mocha's followers. You're so pathetic."

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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