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    Wednesday, January 25, 2017

    What's not to love about President Rodrigo Duterte?

    Sure, he's got this "rubbish bin" for a mouth. He cusses a lot, he says he's willing to kill anyone who meddles with his drug war, anyone who's corrupt, he throws tirades to the church, he's not a stateman(according to the disentes qualifications!), he's burly, maton, siga, ungentleman, immoral and whatever you disente would want to say about him! But you can't deny the fact that he has his heart in the right place!

    Just yesterday, he ordered the release of the compensation for the Martial law victims which was long overdue! Yes, his Marcos-leaning has not meddled with this decision. He knows that the victims should be given what's due them. And give them, he will.

    A month ago, there were a lot of buzz about his approval of the increase in the pensions for the retired and beneficiaries of members. A lot of anti-Duts were saying: Asan na pinangako mo?, wala kang kwenta!, san kukuha ng pera?, etc etc and so forth. But when the proposed P1000 peso increase has been ordered and that there will also be increase in the members' contribution, some were still negatrons about it! But for Du30, who cares? As long as he would be able to uplift or at least ease up the plight of the poor retirees and beneficiaries, you negatrons can all f×€k yourselves!

    And today, just today, he promised to reinvestigate the Mamasapano (interesado talaga ako dito! If you could remember,i wrote a long post about this before). I am really looking forward to see that those who lead the SAF 44 to their deaths, be held accountable and punished! I quite agree with the 
    Photo credits: Inquirer Global Nation

    president when he said that the SAF 44 shouldn't have been there in the first place! The family of the fallen SAF 44 will get the justice they so deserve! (Wonder how the ex-president feels about it? Maybe,just maybe, jumingle belles na sya sa salawal nya!)

    These, aside from the many things he's already delivered during his first 6 months in office! Free meds, free college education in state unis, etc. Those who still see him as Katay Digong, Poong Digong are just wallowing in their ignorance and elitism! Wake up pipol! Change has come but you just wouldn't want to see the change because you feel that you belong to the group of oligarchs who are now being neglected because of PDuts pro-poor, pro-Filipino stance!

    And as long as he keeps his heart where it is now,i will continue to support him from where i stand...never mind if i am called a troll, a Dutertard or stupid follower of Digong's cult (as the disentes would say!)! I'm proud to be a Dutertard!

    He just made a miracle daw kay Gloria! Akalain nyo yun? To think that Cory Aquino is the one needing miracles to happen because they are pushing for her to become saint, lo and behold! It is Digong who did the miracle! Pano na yung in-disclose ni Dick Cheney about Cory? Anyare na mga bishops?


    By: Kat-kat Tiansay

    Source: Facebook

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