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    Sunday, January 8, 2017

    Statement from Loida Nicolas Lewis regarding #LeniLeaks

    On Monday, Fil-Am Billionaire and lobbyist Loida Nicolas-Lewis released her official statement on the alleged involvement on #LeniLeaks where a series of email exchanges has been exoposed in an existing Yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) plotting the oust of President Rodrigo Duterte. The group administrator seemingly forgot to make the conversations private while it was set as "restricted".

    In addition, the point of the strategy is to make VP Robredo look good after the barrage of criticisms against her. The strategy aimed to discredit pro-Reform Duterte supporters, labelled by the Office of the Vice President as mere "troll influencers."

    After being tight-lipped on this issue, the Fil-American billionaire who also called for the resignation of President Duterte on December, finally speaks up.

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    Read her full statement below:

    "At least one out of every eight Filipinos lives overseas. Our remittances are a major boost for the Philippine economy. Just because we are Overseas Filipinos (OF) does not mean that we have lost our right to be involved in or speak out on developments in our home country.

    Like myself, many of us are dual citizens and therefore retain our full rights as Filipinos. We have a right, even a duty, to be involved in our homeland and participate as much as we can in its politics.

    Love of country is not limited to those who reside in the Philippines. A waiter on a cruise ship in the Carribean, an accountant working with a New York City firm, a nurse carrying for patients in the suburbs of London - we are all a part of the greater Philippine nation. Many of us had to leave our country to earn a living for ourserlves and our families back home, but we did not leave behind our rights as Filipinos. Nor did we leave behind our love for our fellow countrymen.

    As for me, I founded The Lewis Collge in my hometown of Sorsogon, which offers low and affordable tuition for college in the Bicol Region, and about 25% of those in College are on scholarship.

    It is in that spirit of caring and brotherhood that we speak out on developments in the Philippines. We will continue to do so because if we did not, we would be untrue to who we are: Filipinos, like you."

    Meanwhile, per De La Salle professor Antonio Contreras, the statements of Lewis does not deny the existence of #LeniLeaks but she is justifying it.

    "See. She is not denying the existence of #LeniLeaks. She is justifying it," said the well-known political analyst.

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