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    Saturday, January 14, 2017

    Prominent Lawyer: #LeniLeaks Gets Real

    "In this #LENILeaks Saga, it has been revealed that it is the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines that has a well-orchestrated, well-organised, systematic propaganda machine to undermine a democratically elected President whose win is unassailable," said Sass Rogando Sasot - a transpinay and the first Filipino to receive the ECHO Award, given annually to excellent migrant students in academic and higher professional education in The Netherlands.

    By far, the controversial revelation of well-known bloggers and social media activists Sass Sasot and Thinking Pinoy on the 'Social Media Propaganda of the Office of the Vice President' seems to shed light to the issues that are being thrown to destabilize the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    "#Lenileaks gets real. Remember the OVP email identifying and characterizing Mocha, Sass and Thinking Pinoy as "troll influencers"? Well, it now appears that the next step is to reduce their credibility and influence. Suddenly you see trollish pages with incredibly rapid increases in numbers, viciously going after the top pro Duterte bloggers nearly exclusively dedicating themselves to attacking the three and/or their associates," said prominent lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles.

    In recent weeks, nearly all pro Duterte bloggers were targets, with some even reporting attempts to hack their accounts. At least one blogger was suspended.

    She then reminded Duterte supporters and netizens to avoid trollish sites.

    "Do not contribute to their number of views or followers or engagements. Second, strengthen and support the sites and posts of people you agree with. Numbers beget more numbers and viewers. Third, discuss merits of an issue. Rant if you must. But attack arguments, not people. Politicians are public figures and are fair game for any comment. But take care against maligning private persons." said Atty. Angeles.

    Source: Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles 

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