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    Wednesday, January 4, 2017

    President Duterte on his fight against corruption: You have to be aware of what I'm doing and you have to help me

    To fight and stop corruption is one of the campaign promises of President Rodrigo Duterte last May 2016 election. As the president works hard to fulfill his oath, he seeks help to the Filipino people as he acknowledge that he can't won this fight alone.

    "One of the promises I made to the people is I will stop corruption in government. I cannot do it alone. You have to be aware of what I'm doing and you have to help me. You can help by being assertive of your rights. It's not even connected with the corruption.  The only thing Filipino need now is to be assertive," said President Duterte.

    The President added, "Mas makatulong kayo sa bayan, sa sarili mo mismo pag wag kayong bumigay. Do not let go. Tska wag talaga kayong bumigay na giving (bribe) because that makes it really worse. I'm trying to fix things in this country for all of us. For the longest time, we haven't had any respite of corruption.. Ganito pa rin hanggang ngayon.. because of corruption."

    Watch President Duterte's full interview as he says 'NO' to corruption:

    Video Source: Rappler

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