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    Tuesday, January 24, 2017

    Open Letter to DENR Secretary Gina Lopez

    Dear DENR Secretary Regina Paz Lopez,

    Inquirer reported that out of the 1,858 trees along Commonwealth Avenue that will be affected by the construction of the MRT, only 623 will be transplanted while 1,215 trees will be cut down. I know that it is a very expensive and herculean task to transfer the 1,215 living trees somewhere safe but if there's a will, there's a way. I hope it is still possible to increase the number of trees
    Disclaimer: Photo not owned, CTTO

    that will balled and transplanted. Saving these trees, instead of cutting them, I believe, will become one of your monumental achievements as a public servant should you choose to do it for the them......but if all the 1,215 trees are non-native species like mahogany, acacia, neem, golden shower, maybe it's ok if we just utilize their wood. They are species introduced here from abroad. Because of them, we started to forget our native species in tree planting activities.

    Thank you and more power to you and your office!

    Keep up the green work!

    By: Fredd Ochavo

    Source: Facebook

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