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    Friday, January 6, 2017

    Leni Robredo International Propaganda Machinery Leaked

    Karma is indeed digital in our current digital world.

    "In this #LENILeaks Saga, it has been revealed that it is the Office of the Vice President of the Philippines that has a well-orchestrated, well-organised, systematic propaganda machine to undermine a democratically elected President whose win is unassailable. Maria Ressa, we challenge you to publish THESE REAL NON-ANONYMOUS source in Rappler! WE PDFd EVERYTHING!" says Sass Rogando Sasot - a transpinay and the first Filipino to receive the ECHO Award, given annually to excellent migrant students in academic and higher professional education in The Netherlands.

    Well known bloggers and social media activists Sass Rogando Sasot and Thinking Pinoy revealed the 'Social Media Propaganda of the Office of the Vice President' on Friday.

    Read the Article: Fearless Sass Sasot revealed the Social Media Propaganda Machine of the Office of the Vice President

    According to the article published on Thinking Pinoy website, there is an existing Yahoo group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) which the group administrator seemingly forgot to make the conversations private while it was set as "restricted".

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    What is very shocking about this discovery of Ms. Sass and TP are the influential members of this group which includes:

    1. Loida Nicolas-Lewis (Billionaire Fil-Am lobbyist)
    2. Imelda "Mely" Nicolas (Commission on Filipinos Overseas Chairman)
    3. Jose Molano, Jr. (Commission on Filipinos Overseas Commissioner)
    4. Ted Laguatan (Inquirer US Bureau columnist)
    5. Atty. Gene Alcantara (ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau correspondent)

    6. Filomenita Mongaya Hogsholm (Nothern Europe Civil Society Leader)

    "Judging from the list of very influential people, I now have a better idea why international media acts a certain way against President Duterte... Now, the chonically negative Western coverage of the Duterte Administration suddenly makes sense now." says Thinking Pinoy.

    Seems like the jigsaw puzzle of the ouster plot on President Duterte is about to evolve.

    Source: Thinking Pinoy 

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