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    Monday, January 9, 2017

    An OFW slams Loida Nicolas Lewis: Stop pretending to be one of the common people

    The statement of Loida Nicolas-Lewis justifying the truth behind #LeniLeaks which was exposed by bloggers Thinking Pinoy and Sass Rogando Sasot made a lot of netizen furious on Monday.

    According to Lewis' statement, "Love of country is not limited to those who reside in the Philippines. A waiter on a cruise ship in the Carribean, an accountant working with a New York City firm, a nurse carrying for patients in the suburbs of London - we are all a part of the greater Philippine nation. Many of us had to leave our country to earn a living for ourserlves and our families back home, but we did not leave behind our rights as Filipinos. Nor did we leave behind our love for our fellow countrymen."

    In an open letter posted by well-known writer Krizette Laureta Chu on her Facebook account, an OFW netizen expressed his contradiction to Lewis' pronouncements through a comment.
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    "I am an OFW. A seafarer. I feel very much insulted at even the mere suggestion of Loida being in the same league as I am. Stop pretending to be one of the common people. You yourselves drew the line when you conceitedly called yourselves the "Thinking Class" which drew in the yellow social climbers into the delusion that they too are somehow part of the elite," said Mr. Laurilla.

    He added, "To be honest, I was not a Duterte supporter. But since he won, and since I am a patriotic Filipino who believes in democracy, I am honor-bound to support the President's projects. Normally I wouldn't care at this point about the losing side but since the LP abd their supporters can't seem to move on from being sore losers, I am beginning to hate LP. Yeah. Stick that in your thick skulls. You inspire people to hate you. It doesn't matter if non-LP people support Duterte or not. They would still hate you. In fact, I bet the first politician who files a formal motion to impeach Duterte will get ripped to shreds by an angry mob. Literally. As in French Revolution style. And where will you be Loida? Safe and sound in the US."

    President Rodrigo Duterte was elected by more than 6 million Filipinos and was chosen, loved and admired by majority.

    As what Krizette Chu posted on Loida Lewis' wall, "Whether or not you approve of Duterte is irrelevant now. You should respect the democratic process as a decent, law abiding human being."

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