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    Friday, January 13, 2017

    A Message to the Office of the Vice President Social Media Team

    After the controversial reveal on the leaked emails on the Social Media Propaganda of the Office of the Vice President, criticisms whirls over the internet from Pro and Anti-Leni groups.

    "Paid trolls." That's how anti-Duterte calls people who support and fight for the president on social media.

    "Kapag pinuna/ pinintasan si Sass Rogando Sasot, Thinking Pinoy, Kris Laureta Chu, Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, Antonio P. Contreras, mas nag-aalab sila na ipaglaban yung statements nila - WITH CITATIONS AND REFERENCES pa yun ha. Hindi mo maipagkakaila na may ipinaglalaban. Pero kapag si Leni Robredo/ Office of the Vice President of the Philippines, Karamihan ng Liberal Party of the Philippines, Rappler, they would dismiss complaints and regard critics as "ridiculous" or "insignificant". Trolls. Bots. Isisisi sa iba. Mapapaisip ka tuloy minsan: Dignity, dignity, where art thou?" an opinion shared  through Facebook by netizen Andrea Carigma.

    READ: Well-known writer Krizette Laureta Chu's slams the Office of the Vice President SocMed Team
    Photo source: INQUIRER.net

    "The Office of the Vice President of the Philippines should stop deleting all negative, contradictory comments on its account because the Vice President has become so out of touch with the general sentiment of the majority.

    Paano, bawal ang dissent sa kanila so akala niya siguro siya lagi ang tama. Eh ikaw ba makabasa ng puro puri sa yo, mag fe-feeling ka din. By the time she checks her FB, her admin has already deleted the negative stuff. E di wow.

    No leader is as ineffective as the one who is so self righteous, she thinks any criticism against her is only "paid for by BBM" or done by "trolls." VP, the other criticisms are very valid, okay? Sana ma gets ninyo yan at ng hindi patuloy na bumaba ang ratings ninyo. Baka by June, 2 percent na lang 'yan.


    Meanwhile, another furious Duterte supporter Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles also expressed his outrage through a Facebook post.

    "How can you not see how angry we are? That you should focus only on the words that offend you, but not on the why we are so. On how it has come to this, that we should howl at you, cut you down, make you bleed, horrify you because you still cling to your drugless haze of historical untruths, and cossetted conventions, and your religion of unjust rights.

    We can see that you cannot see us, will not hear us, and will not heed the change we have wrought. That some of us are reduced to clawing at you, driven by the realization that you will take what little we have gained and put us back into the bovine state you prefer, jumping at your ill-disguised paper calls for subjugation. Accept this. Reject that. Rally to this. Pay that. Pay us. Suffer. Be still.

    Screw that. And screw you, and your decorated boxes of civility where the word "stupid" upsets you but not the institutionalization of idiocy in a system that set the rest of us up to fail."


    Source: Facebook

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