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    Thursday, December 22, 2016

    Writer Krizette Chu express outrage to American Journalist Radley Balko: Prepare to be sued

    "Prepare to be sued, Balko" said Duterte supporter and writer Krizette Laureta Chu in an open letter she posted on her Facebook account for Radley Balko.

    Radley Balko is an American journalist who posted a tweet regarding a journalist that was recently killed in the Philippines and he is blaming President Duterte without checking facts about the incident. 

    According to his tweet, "Duterte all but promised to start killing journalists, too. One was just shot dead."

    The truth is, that journalist named Larry Que wasn't killed by President Duterte. He was shot dead after he wrote an article about the crystal meth laboratory found in their province, which is said to be the biggest find so far in the Philippines.

    Thus, this brought outrage to Duterte supporters like Ms. Krizette Chu. Read her fearless Facebook post below:


    Dear Radley Balko, to join the bandwagon of haters against Duterte, you all but published an outright lie.

    What kind of journalist are you? You're a sell out and a liar, a disgrace to your profession.

    I strongly urge President Duterte and the Philippine government to start teaching people a lesson in accountability and sue this "journalist" for libel and slander. This man should be made an example of what happens when you run your mouth without checking your facts.

    Prepare to be sued, Balko. You better back up your statement of "Duterte all but promised to start killing journalists, too." 

    If we allow these "journalists" to run unchecked, they will start reporting news without facts, as long as they can join the fun of condemning someone.

    As a citizen of the Philippines, I demand my government does something about this! Put my taxes to work now!"

    Chu urges Balko to back up his statement and demanded the Philippine government to do something about this journalist who's publishing an outright lie without checking facts.

    Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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