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    Monday, December 19, 2016

    Wondering what's President Duterte's wish for Christmas? Check this out!

    During his visit at the Western Mindanao Command (WesMinCom), President Rodrigo Duterte revealed his wish for this coming Christmas.

    Per the President, he is just hoping for a peaceful Christmas for every Filipino.

    “I’d like to greet everybody, the Filipino people, the law-abiding, and of course, if they find it in their hearts though this is not really something for the Moro but you know that this kind of event is closest to the hearts of Christians… that we can have a peaceful Christmas. I hope that… (the) Abu Sayyaf (will) just take a vacation and if you happen to pass by Davao, let me know, and I will treat you to dinner. said President Duterte.

    Watch the full interview below:

    Meanwhile, the President was also asked about his message for criminals specifically for those who are engaged to illegal drugs.

    “Sa mga shabu? Bigyan ko kayo isang platong shabu. Hindi ko na ipaso, ipakain ko. Galit ako sa criminal. Hindi ako galit sa rebolusyonaryo (cause) they are driven by you know, prinsipyo yan eh. What we have in the Philippines is not really a rebellion. It’s the rise of Moro nationalism. Hindi yan ano…not simply because they want to be rebels,stated the President.

    Source: Manila Bulletin

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