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    Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    Sass Sasot hits LP: They don't care about the drug problem in the country

    Social media activist and Duterte supporter Sass Rogando Sasot hits Liberal Party, which is also known for their slogan "Daang Matuwid", for not knowing the full extent of the illegal drug problem in the Philippines.

    During the term of former president Noynoy Aquino, eliminating and suppressing the drug problem is not the priority. The former administration looked after corrupt politicians (like them), who can be sent to jail, which came mostly from the minority and those from opposition.

    "Noong panahon ng Daang Matuwid hindi natin alam ang full extent ng drug problem sa bansa. Wala tayong halos clue kung gaano kalalim ang problema ng shabu sa bansa," said Sass -- a transpinay and the first Filipino to receive the ECHO Award, given annually to excellent migrant students in academic and higher professional education in The Netherlands.

    She also added, "Wala ring paki-alam sa mga shabu addicts ang Daang Matuwid, kaya nga deadma sila sa pagpapatayo ng drug rehabilitation centers. Kung hindi pa dumating si Duterte, hindi pa natin ito malalaman, at walang rehabilitation centers na itatayo."

    A netizen also shared the same opinion regarding this on a photo posted by MOCHA USON BLOG Facebook page and he wrote: "When they were in power, they pretended that the drug problem does not exist or it does not deserve urgent attention. Now, to cover their criminal negligence in tackling the problem, they still act like the drug problem does not exist, hence they don't speak about it or just mention it in passing. On the flip side, they are barking to high heavens regarding EJK and for them it is the government who are sponsoring the killings, they conveniently do not mention the war that should have been waged during their time. But what can we expect from this hypocritical bunch, they benefited from the trade."


    Most Filipinos are grateful and proud having an elected president who cares for the good of his countrymen and that is no less than President Duterte.

    Let us not be fooled. The leftist are doing everything they can to bring down the man who brought a great change in the country.

    As what Sass said on the last part of her Facebook post, WE MUST NOT FORGET-- Si Robredo ay tumakbo under the promise na "Ituloy ang Daang Matuwid."

    Source: Facebook

    How bout you guys? What's your thought on this? 

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