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    Thursday, December 22, 2016

    Greco Belgica to Ombudsman Morales: She is unjust and partial

    Social media is a very powerful platform to share and express your insights and political beliefs without going to the streets and conduct rallies.

    Grego Belgica, an independent senatorial candidate on May 2016 elections and advocate for youth and reform, expressed his aggravation to the partiality of Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales.

    "The Ombudsman is protecting De Lima, drugs, corruption and DAP. She is threatening PDuterte by allowing the investigation on him but denying investigation against De Lima, PNoy, Abad, Trillanes, Drillons DAP, SAF 44, and lost Yolanda funds," said Greco in a statement.

    He added, "She is in conivance with LP, Leni, Abad, Pnoy and De Lima. And waiting for her retirement on 2018 will allow her so much time to cast intrigues agaisnt this administration and cause more injustice to the Filipino people."

    Here are some questionable and not progressing cases that has been filed in the office of the Ombudsman:

    • Pres. Aquino, Cesar Purisima over Shell tax controversy - (September 14, 2016)
    • Treason Case filed vs Pres. Aquino and Sen. Trillanes (May 8,2016)
    • Mamasapano Case filed vs. Pres. Aquino et al (July 2,2016)
    • DAP Case vs Pnoy and Abad (started case file on July 20,2016)
    • Plunder Case vs Pnoy Abad and Alcala (filed on October 2, 2013)
    • Graft Case vs Mar Araneta Roxas and Baldos (filed June 8,2015)
    • Betrayal of Public Trust vs Chairman Andres Bautista over the VCM
    • Graft Case vs Sec. Dinky Soliman over CCT (filed by Rep. Tinio on September 18,2014)
    • Shelter Funds Corruption Case vs Dinky Soliman (November 13,2015)
    • Plunder Case vs Franklin Drilon over Iloilo Hall Justice (September 5,2013)
    • Drug Trafficking vs De Lima (filed September 2016 by numerous groups)
    • Dunkin Donut Case Tax Evasion case on the watch of Former BIR Kim Henares (Feb. 28,2014)
    • Pork Barrell ng mga LP are also pending on her sala
    • Malapaya Graft Case vs Pnoy (Jan 21 2014)
    • Lumad vs. Sec. Luistro (Nov 24 2015), at marami pang iba.
    Mr. Belgica also revealed that the Ombudsman's own employees complain that she quickly acted on Gen. Bato's case, that came from De Lima's office, forces the filing of information through her office while holds pending cases due for filing for many years. In addition, it is rumored that her integrity is compromised because she was blackmailed by the LP group to accept bribe to protect her relative involved in illegal activities.

    "She is unjust and partial... Rumor or not, she has definitely shown partiality and bias. She has played with us, gave us with empty words of fair investigation but has never shown result. As long as she is there we will never see corrupt politicians punished," per Belgica.

    Read Greco Belgica's fearless Facebook post:

    Source: Greco Belgica Facebook Page

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