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    Wednesday, December 21, 2016

    Greco Belgica to Noynoy Aquino: Liars! EJK and human rights abuse happened more in your time than now

    Greco Belgica, a senatorial candidate on May 2016 elections and an advocate for youth and reform, slams and seeks explanation from former President Noynoy Aquino regarding the innocent farmers that were killed on their administration.

    Per Belgica, it's the justice system that the Aquino administration created on their constitution that made abuses against innocent people in our country and not the war on drugs of President Rodrigo Duterte.

    "It's that justice system we need to change if we want the innocent protected and the criminals punished," said Belgica.

    He also called Aquino a liar as extra-judicial killing and human rights abuse happened more in their time than now as what the mainstream media and leftists tries to put in the minds of the people.

    Watch the video for your reference:

    Video Source: Filipino Community Facebook Page

    Negative and biased news from foreign and local media has been circulating over the internet regarding President Duterte's war on drugs and extra-judicial killings.

    "A result of a failed justice system you created and abused yourself. Kaya hangang ngayon di parin kayo nalilitis sa mga kurapsyon nyo nung panahon nyo," Greco Belgica said on a statement.

    The question here is, how will Noynoy Aquino answer and explain these issues? Nasaan nga ba si PNoy?

    War on drugs and extra-judicial killings became worse because these people impose brutality in our country.

    Source: Facebook

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