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    Thursday, December 29, 2016

    Edwin Lacierda: I am pretty sure Leni will not deign to describe herself a 'heroine'


    All too often, one does not need to reinvent the wheel or to declare as dogma what has already been accepted as its definition.

    I will not dare to define what a hero is for the simple reason that it has been defined over the years.

    This much is elementary. A hero as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is this: "A person admired for bravery, great achievements or good qualities."

    This much is basic: Leni Robredo as a lawyer served indigents who did not have the means to defend themselves.
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    As a wife to a missing husband, the public saw in her the fortitude of a woman who stood with silent strength as the possibility that her husband and the father to her three children may no longer be alive. And even when Jesse's death became a reality, she bore the pain and tragedy with dignity and nobility.

    As a first term congresswoman, she introduced bills that, among others, seek to empower the marginalized, advocated freedom of information, fought discrimination, sought to give a voice to civil society in the local government unit through the people's council.

    As Vice-President, she continued her advocacy of giving voice to the marginalized sector, visiting the "laylayan" wherever they may be found, in the far flung barangays where the presence of national government officials is sight unseen. Even as she no longer is a member of the Cabinet, she continues her Anti-Poverty and Advocacies Programs.

    And while it is true that a daughter has a right to describe her mother a heroine, ventured even further by the English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray that the "Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children", it is no less true that beyond Jillian's description or being a mother, Leni has done much for the underprivileged, addressing their concerns and needs beyond the pale of public scrutiny as she continues to do her job as a responsible public official.

    I am pretty sure Leni will not deign to describe herself a heroine but people who have worked with her, experienced her selflessness and her being a woman for others will harbor no doubts about her character and her qualities.

    Only a person who loves toothpick will nitpick :)

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