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    Thursday, December 8, 2016

    Cayetano responds to Robredo's dare: Stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency

    Senator Alan Peter Cayetano on Friday responded to Vice President Leni Robredo's statements urging him to be more vocal about what Marcoses has been doing to get back to power.

    "I would have hoped that the outrage he showed during the campaign would still be the same until now. We understand that he's fully supportive of the President, but that's not enough reason for him to keep quiet.. We saw how he was fully aware of the sins of the Marcoses against the Filipino people. He should be more vocal about it now that they're doing everything to get back to power," said the Vice President on a sit-down interview with the Inquirer Group on Thursday.

    Source: Abante News Online

    Cayetano hits back to Robredo by assuring her that he is doing what he can in the manner that he believe he can be most effective.

    He then challenged the Vice President to also speak up to the issues she has been tight-lipped.

    "Let me return the favor and also challenge you with the following:
    Ask how and why the drug problem got so bad and out of control. Call out and demand that your LP allies involved in illegal drugs resign and be jailedAsk for justice for the SAF 44Ask for justice for tanim bala victimsAsk for an investigation and justice on MRT anomaliesExpose other LP personalities' involvement in graft and corruptionAsk for an investigation why despite expensive fees in the airport in the past admin, no CCTVs were purchased and installed. Ask the PCIJ, Rappler and Inquirer to look into your donors and undeclared expenses during your campaign. Ask ABS-CBN, and other media outlets that supported you to be fair and objective," said Cayetano.

    The Senator also urged the Vice President to stop campaigning and thinking of The Presidency and help attract investments, build infrastructure, create jobs and redistribute wealth in our country.

    VP Leni Robredo has been very vocal that she is against the Supreme Court's decision to bury former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    As Cayetano earlier stated, he does not need to blatantly voice out his opinions on matters that is less important as there are issues that needs much attention than the Marcos burial. 

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